Mcdonalds Eat Your Heart Out

I thought I would bring to the table an interesting question, why have we got a problem in the western world with obesity? Research shows  that nutrition is crucial not only for having a healthy life but also a happy one. This is true regardless of whether you are the most sedate person in the world or the most active. If its not balanced it can not only affect you mentally but also physically which has been identified across the world through a bit of obesity crisis hitting a number of countries.

Now the meals I have got planned for consist of freeze dried curried beef with rice, energy bars, gels and electrolyte drinks. I also have the odd treat of a bag of nuts. This allows me to have just under 2500 calories per day which is less than the recommended amount for an average male. The most important consideration for multiday endurance events is weight and the result is that you start becoming slightly anal about the number of calories in everything that you take. Where as most people are probably looking for few calories foods have in them I have found myself hunting supermarkets for anything that has as many calories as possible.

The freeze dried food by expedition foods is fantastic it packs just over 900 calories per meal and is incredibly lightweight. However I have found a possible alternative, with a quick bit of research I have found that the average Mcdonalds meal beats this hands down. Which makes me wonder whether I should just be taking cold big macs and fries.