Expeditions, adventures and placing yourself in a position that physically and mentally stretches you provides a whole host of stories and insights into yourself . From dealing with stressful and life threatening situations to enjoying some of the simplest things in life they provide a complete journey from concept through to completion.


I have been fortunate enough to have been able to share my journeys in a variety of different settings from fellow adventurers, schools through to organisations. 


These have been incredible opportunities to share my passion for adventure using a broad array of experiences and knowledge with the aim of inspiring others on their own journey. 


If you, your school or organisation are interested in hearing more about my adventures first hand then please feel free to get in touch. 

Benno is a charming, relaxed and informative speaker. The audience at the Round The Island Challenge were enthralled to here about his Atlantic Crossing, and amazed at some of the things he had to endure. The photos of the event really made us all feel like we knew exactly what it must have been like for him and the crew - even the photo of this bare bum ! We had some lovely feedback from our competitors after the event and would recommend Benno as a speaker
— Neil Thubron, Director XNRG
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