Bouldering and Rowing, The Weekend of Challenges

What I thought would be a relatively lazy weekend became a jam packed one continuing my journey on 2 newish challenges.

Saturday kicked it off with a couple of hour’s bouldering in Mile End, London. For those that don’t know what bouldering is check the video out below. This is like indoor climbing but where you don’t use all the ropes, harnesses and other equipment. This is because you tend to be much closer to the ground and the emphasis is on thinking how to tackle the challenge, then depending on how good you are using a mixture of technique and power to conquer it.

It was great fun trying to make my way up the grades starting on the beginner ones with these large, chunky holds before moving up the grades with the holds becoming increasingly smaller and in many places becoming an overhang. It’s safe to say I didn’t make it that far up the grading ladder but even so I managed to get into some odd positions. Luckily I was doing it with my housemate who is far more experienced and was able to give some tips. It was a killer on the arms and forearms as my poor technique was made up for by muscling my way up. The final technique I learnt as my muscles tired at the end of the day was the wall hug  a classic by all where you just grab the wall and get as close as you can, completely useless but feels easier at the time.


Sunday was an early start with a quick cycle over to Richmond, luckily in the morning sun. This was my warm up before rowing a Cornish pilot gig called “Tiger”. The surprise of the day was being welcomed by a security team who were looking after the Queens Jubilee rowing-barge, called Gloriana, as the finishing touches were being put in place. It was great finally getting out on the water paddling up to Teddington locks and back. The main challenge was to avoid the large number of kayakers and dinghy sailors. We finished at a cafe for a quick coffee before my cycle back.

It’s the bank holiday this weekend have you got plans for it? Maybe a long bike ride, run or maybe a relaxed few days? If you have some ideas get them out as it may inspires others to give it a go?