Atlantic Row 2013

During the training for the Marathon des Sables, at the event and since I have met a number of people that have inspired me and given me ideas on everything from lifestyle choices to what my next challenge might be. Once I passed that finish line I wanted to find and choose what it might be so I could continue the journey so to speak as well as to have something to aim and train for.

It wasn’t until I met a multiple world record breaking and highly experienced ocean rower Leven Brown back in February that it really cemented an ambition that I have now had for a number of years. To row an ocean.

More specifically the Atlantic Ocean. January 2013 will see myself and 7 other crew members taking on the challenge of breaking the 30 day barrier for rowing all 3000 miles across it in shifts; rowing for 2 hours then off for 2 hours constantly from start to finish.

Much more details to come...

But for a bit of insight here was a snippet from the weekends action.