The Green Light

2014 was an interesting year, not assisted by injury. However a while back and slightly nervously I booked an appointment with complete physio. It wasn't that I was having issues but more of a check up to make sure my progress was on track. At the time I had a few ideas on what next year could involve, so I had everything crossed that day as I cycled over. Relaxing in the foyer it certainly felt under different circumstances from when I had hobbled off my bike and through the door back in February. Following that appointment there was to be no cycling for a while, which as a form of exercise, enjoyment and my method of transport round london. It was a bit gutting!

I talked through the progress I had made with Chris and Emma-Jane, his colleague, before completing the final stages of recovery by myself. It was all topped off with discussing the plan for 2015.

The session was planned to conduct a series of tests to check for areas for improvement. Constantly wondering what a good result was vs what I was experiencing, knowing that despite this Chris would feedback at the end. With the initial tests complete it was time for some on my core as well. This was something I had been working on as it was a key part of my training.

Tests complete and the consensus was very positive, there were some minor areas to work on but everyone can always improve. Even Ueli steck a renowned athlete apparently went in to be physiologically tested only to be told he was quiet normal to which he was pleased as he felt that meant there was lots of opportunity to improve further. Not that I am comparing myself to him in anyway but for such an incredible athlete to have this attitude I think demonstrates really well the idea of always aiming to improve.

Check out a wee article about him below

Most importantly it meant that my ideas for 2015 could go from hopefuls to in the calendar!

A big thanks to Chris and Emma at complete physio for the work they did would highly recommend them.