Row to the Pole

On Saturday I participated in the first round of selections to become the last crew member for an attempt to row to the magnetic north pole. If I make it (I really hope I do) I will be joining a top team of athletes, explorers and adventurers attempting to make history in what is described as one of the last remaining firsts. Around 48 of us turned up on the day to take part in a gruelling two and a half hour rowing erg followed by mental testing, a group exercise and an interview. The rowing in many ways was the easy bit putting my head down and digging deep I manage 35,097m, which is roughly a split time of 2.13 min/ 500m. I was pretty happy with this as the first time I had been on a rowing machine for a good number of years was the wednesday before the event. I should hear the results in a few weeks time and all going well I will become the final team member.

Pictures/ videos are coming soon hopefully.