Training marathon

This weekend I attended Rory Colemans training day for the marathon des sables. It started with a 5.30 am wake up not really recommended but the it was the only way of making the 9am start time. I finally met up with him despite the snow and a train cancellation trying to stop the session happening to discuss all the kit I will need to take and advice on keeping my feet in good condition during the marathon des sables. As ever it was incredibly useful and I learnt even more about what I should and more importantly shouldn't be doing. The aim is to get a weeks worth of food and equipment down to the very limit of 6.5kg which will make a huge difference in the heat of the event. Then it was on for a quick 26 or so miler through the snow and ice. I don't think we could of asked for a better day despite the sub zero temperatures the day was beautiful the sun was out and when there wasn't a breeze it was pretty warm. I also tasted my first gel that was reasonably edible. The day finished with heading back to a house where the boiler had packed up due to the cold weather. The ice bath wasn't really required because of this and may explain why the next day I felt great apart from slightly tight hips.

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