Successful New Years Resolutions

Have you made your resolution? Research suggests that only 26% of people reach their goals with many giving up long before. There is always talk at this stage of what our resolution is while our friends and family bet on how long they will last. In the past I have always focused on what to stop, give up or many other negative aspects because we have been taught to focus on what we got wrong from an early age.  I think its time to take positive action by starting or developing something you enjoy or wish to enjoy. Dont give something up, take something up. Write this aim down with a time line and work out the little goals to reach that final goal and watch and feel the success.

As I write this after an excessive Christmas of food and drink and reaching the point marking 3 months till my desert race means some serious resolutions happening. Mine is to be more dedicated to my running, training and more importantly to raising the funds for Facing Africa. Since making this I have signed up to the Ultra 90 (90 mile run over 2 days) organised by Rory Coleman in January and the Pilgrim challenge (66 mile run over 2 days) by Xnrg in February.

Good luck with your resolutions and happy New Year!!