A New Year, Resolutions and an Olympic Legacy

It was about this time last year that I finally started to make a bit more of a regular contribution to my blog, so thank you all for those that have kept reading, commenting and hopefully telling other people about it. I am sure many of you after maybe a couple of drinks or possibly just a lot of food and hopefully some very enjoyable times over the festive period stopped even for just a second to comprehend what the new year may bring. It is the point in the year where the whole thing is laid out in front of us waiting for each and everyone one of us to choose our own path and make a mark. Many of us even make promises or resolutions to somehow change or develop ourselves. I have heard all sorts of examples like giving up chocolate, less booze, learning a new language, lose weight, become fitter, get that job, career or lifestyle that we really want and many, many others. We can however sometimes loose our way with the pacts that we make with ourselves as our priorities develop over the days, weeks, months and year (then it is all over for another round of promises). So this year I thought I would take a leaf out of the Olympics book.

This year’s Olympics are being held throughout the UK and it is believed that it will touch everyone and every community throughout the UK. The Olympics brings together people, volunteers, workers and athletes from around the world in one massive event. Yet for everyone that will be part of it, it has taken years to reach that point, The initial bidding process started back in 2003, since then there have been many smaller goal posts set initially by the International Olympic Committee. Once it was finally announced back in 2005 that London had won then the work towards creating the event could begin. For instance the buildings that they will be held in are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything that has gone in behind the scenes. Then there are the all important athletes who have trained for hours on end, constantly aiming for the goals that they have set for themselves. Just to reach the start line they will have had to enter numerous competitions each one setting a higher bar than the previous as their personal bests improve. Part of this process is handling the ups and downs that naturally occur as they get affected by results, injuries, mental or physical challenges. Just look towards any great athletes in any discipline and these have always occurred whether it is Usain Bolt, Lance Armstrong, Johnny Wilkinson, Ronnie O'Sullivan or James Cracknell. All this training, preparation and experience is brought together for the pinnacle of their career in a relatively quick burst to show how great they are.

My thinking is that we can all learn from what has gone into creating the London Olympics or what the athletes have had to go through to reach this point. Regardless of what area or what you want to achieve we can all achieve something great. It can all start by making sometimes small decisions, sometimes big decisions or resolutions to improve or develop ourselves. Dont rush into an idea spend a bit of time thinking about exactly what you want, this is important for the ups and downs that will certainly happen. Then like I said earlier we can sometimes loose our way, so think of all the elements you need to achieve what you want to, write it down (can be a scrap bit of paper, the back of a cigarette pack, a blank sheet of paper, note book, diary, blog anything you get the idea). To create this continuing progress concentrate on taking little steps, setup goals along the way to keep you on track, enjoy the journey and watch your idea become reality. Most importantly don’t keep it a secret tell people about what you are doing, you don’t have to say what your overall aim is but you can certainly let them know about the journey along the way.

So as I write this I certainly feel like I have started the New Year with a bang. Starting with fireworks just after midnight on New Year ’s Eve, travelling through Scotland in one of the worst storms to hit it for years and then it has been non-stop since getting back to London. I have also just completed my first solo adventure race and cross country race but more on that will come later. This year promises to be packed full of races, events, trying things for the first time, doing activities that I always love coming back to (like a bit of skiing!) but mostly I think I have found a suitable challenge to aim for. More details on that to come too.

Finally if you have had a great idea, resolution or are continuing on your journey towards an aim it would be great to hear about them whether it is still in the planning stages, maybe you have made some progress towards your aim or even coming towards the end.