Killer Chilli Chicken

Ever bitten into something super hot by mistake? Or maybe by choice? Got any pictures of the experience? It was Friday night and my housemates had invited a group of us to the local pub the Duchess of Cambridge. Whilst chatting to one of them I was quickly distracted by a sign advertising "American Suicide Wings", a challenge to eat 6 wings and get them free and a bottle of chilli beer free or the "Eternal shame" of failure.

I couldn’t resist.

First up was a waiver declaring some semblance of sanity and an understanding of what was to come. Slightly off putting especially when I heard the last person to eat them claimed they suffered from deafness as a result of eating them.

I don’t know much about chillies but the guy mentioned that these were super hot; normal jalapenos rank about 5000 on the Scoville scale (which I found out is a measure of spice). This had some extract from a bottle ranked at 3,000,000 scovilles equivalent to law enforcement pepper spray I have found out. This was a bit more putting off.

A beautiful heap of them arrived and you could smell the heat oozing off them! With a couple of photos for a bit of a before and after shot, I started to munch. So far so good, halfway through the first of 6 wings.

Then it hit like a freight train and it is fair to say my mouth was on fire, the sweat started pouring and my eyes watering uncontrollably. I wanted to keep going though and was quickly making my way through the napkins provided until I managed to get some chilli in my eye which certainly added to the experience. The waitress did mention not to touch anything...

With no dairy refreshment allowed all that was left was for some beer and water which didn’t really help the situation of an ever increasing numbing and burning sensation in my mouth. I ploughed on through as if it was the wall in a marathon, it certainly felt like a huge wall.

Finishing the last one was a very different experience than a race as I realised what a state I was in with blood shot eyes and a serious burning sensation in my stomach. All I can say is what a way to start a weekend.